Home Schooling During a Pandemic

Updated: Feb 9

Remember to laugh at some of the things our children will be doing and saying during this virtual school year. Nolan has been asking his teacher "How much longer do I have to do this?" and "Are we finished yet?" 😫..... Keeping our little ones focused can be challenging. There are two things that really helps me keep Nolan focused during my time as a teacher assistant, one being headphones because they keep him focused and in one spot and hunzy to keep him from scratching, itching and being irritated and uncomfortable.

..... and he is always presentable with a moisturized face and moisturized hair!

We take our childrens education very seriously but we also like to let them make their own mistakes. If you really think about it no child has intentions on misbehaving or getting in trouble. Things just happen and Now is the best time to talk and listen to them to help them make the best decisions in many situations.

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